Six Degrees of Wikipedia

For a while I’ve enjoyed the Wikipedia Random page, to learn some random facts about whatever, but it has a flaw. I’ve used it as my new tab page on and off for a few years. While informative, it’s an entire page. That’s way too much information for a mini-study session. So I set out to create a brief version of this. The somewhat popular Wikipedia game of link surfing through Wiki pages (made popular by Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, 10 YEARS AGO) came to the front of my mind, and I thought it would be cool to get a random page, and then a random link from that page, and so on.

And so Six Degrees of Wikipedia came to exist! Except that it already does. However, these are mostly, if not all, games. I don’t want to play your silly games! I’m here to learn. Enough blogging Luke, explain.

OK, about my Six Degrees of Wikipedia:

What does it do?

Six Degrees of Wikipedia simply:

  1. Picks a random link from the contents of Wikipedia’s Featured Article page
  2. Loads a summary from that link
  3. Picks a random link from that summary
  4. Repeat Step 2 until 6 “degrees” have been found (Now configurable in the settings)


Because I enjoy learning random things, and programming things.

How do I use it?

I personally use it as my new tab page. Closing my browser when my feeds are stale, then re-opening it is a hard habit to break…